Onboarding is a Strategic HR Process

Sometimes an article that speaks to your beliefs so much that you find yourself shouting in agreement at your computer screen. For us, Riges Younan’s recent interview on LinkedIn on onboarding did exactly that.

In the article, Younan speaks to how onboarding processes are critical in reducing flight risk among employees, and how when done correctly, can “tremendously impact on your employer brand”.

The fact of the matter is that 90% of employees decide whether to stay with a company within the first six months of starting a new job. “Losing candidates at [the onboarding] stage is not only costly financially but has a negative effect on brand, employee perception, and future hiring ability…” Younan says. The bottom line is, if your onboarding processes stink, your talent retention and hiring capabilities probably will too.

The solution? Younan calls for changes in onboarding platforms to become more flexible and holistic rather than stringent and rigid.

Our solution? Well, we promote the active collection of onboarding data to keep track of how a new hire is feeling about his or her new workplace. We especially promote onboarding tracking to our Talent Congress clients, who can sit down with us and talk face-to-face about their strategic HR processes 4 times a year.

When put together, we believe that Younan’s call for flexible onboarding platforms and our dedication to collecting HR data may just change the way you onboard your talent.

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