Our business intelligence application allows corporate HR departments to combine data from their HRIS, ATS, finance systems, performance management, and other systems of record into one tool for analysis and collaboration.

The application is able to exist behind a firewall or as a hosted solution, and is very portable and accessible to all users. Corporate HR can now combine data across systems to gather insights and analysis on costs, quality, and performance and share the analysis easily with others across the organization.

Merge Multiple Data Sources

  • Pull together HRIS, ATS, social media, vendor data and finance systems
  • Connect directly to systems or upload spreadsheets regularly to update data
  • Change your systems of record without changing your metrics, reports, or analysis

Scorecards, Alerts and Traffic Lights

  • Group metrics and tiles in unlimited combinations
  • Mark elements as favorites for quick access
  • Traffic light performance based on history, trends, targets, and other variables

Zero Click Insights

  • Have full insight to charts, reports, and analysis without logging in
  • Embed analytics on internal web pages and other systems
  • Alerts, scorecards and reports automatically emailed at any frequency

Input Events & Collaborate on Data

  • Bring context and evidence to insight by adding comments, events, or documents
  • Have discussions and make decisions with other users
  • Preserve key insights directly on reports and charts for all to see