Introducing…The Talent Congress


We are thrilled to announce that Aspen will be joining forces with the Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) to create the Talent Congress, a data driven thought leadership program for recruiting.


With our partnership with GSMI, a leader in executive education and conference production, Aspen can uniquely address the merging of talent, marketing, and emerging technologies within recruiting, and have world class venues for delegates to gather and debate.


The three tiered approach of the Talent Congress will focus on analysis and monitoring of delegate data;  engagement with subject matter experts and peers; and workshops, roundtables and one-on-one advisory sessions at selected venues. Analysis and monitoring in the areas of candidate experience, hiring manager satisfaction, recruiter engagement, workflow efficiency, protected class impacts and social/branding will be the focus.


“It is a very exciting partnership and service. I was inspired by the success of programs like CareerXRoads and its colloquium, as well as the TRU and DISRUPT HR conference franchises as a long-time proven model.  What we are doing by combining conferences, private workshops, delegates in congresses, and data analytics nobody is doing,” says Andrew Gadomski, Founder of Aspen.  Kara Minganelli of GSMI adds, “With Aspen, we can serve our delegates by bringing their talent data to bear for them, analyze it, and offer new levels of support to help them.”


The combination of recruiting practices, data analytics, social media, branding, and emerging technologies produces a wide and powerful venue to address the needs of workforces that are experiencing today’s exponential growth and change.

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