I’m dreaming of an organized Christmas.

I’m a big believer in planning ahead and being efficient through the use of technology. Planning can prevent last minute chaos and ensure a more enjoyable holiday season.  No one likes running out to the local convenience store on December 24rd to pick up a random gift card for that forgotten relative.

My strategy for tackling the holiday season is centered primarily on list making.  I make all kinds of lists to help stayed organized.  Using a note app called Evernote on my phone has prevented me and my purse from being overrun by many small pieces of paper.  Mid-summer is when I usually get the first of many ideas for gifts.  I open a new note and add to the list as I think of things.  By Thanksgiving I usually have a solid list of things to choose from for each person in my immediate and extended family.

Using a shared calendar can also be helpful to keep holiday activities in check.  Family Christmas parties, company holiday gatherings, cookie exchanges and holiday travel plans can all be added to the same calendar and shared between several people.  An electronic address book helps me keep track of all the correct addresses for holiday cards.  And since I typically do a large percentage of my shopping online, I pdf all of my receipts and keep them in a folder on my desktop.

The possibilities are endless for letting technology help you organize what can sometimes be a very hectic holiday season.

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