HR Tech is Surging- and Everyone Knows It

“The way we work and collaborate is changing rapidly. The way businesses of every size go to market is driving incredible innovation in every segment of HR technology,” writes George LaRocque, Founder of LAROCQUE and #HRWINS, in a thoughtful reflection on the recent HR Technology Conference in Chicago.

What struck us about George’s thoughts on the conference, besides its continued innovation in offerings and featured sessions, was just how deep technology has taken root in the HR space. This was especially reflected in his revelation that organizations large and small were represented at the event. It doesn’t matter whether an organization has 10 employees or 100,000- everyone is seeking out how tech can make their HR organizations more productive, engaging, and innovative.

And that’s exciting.

As an HR technology and data company ourselves, we at Aspen were excited to read George’s post. We stand at the ready to provide the analytics offerings for businesses of any size- whether you are focused on gaining HR data collection tools and training, or want to outsource HR data analytics entirely. The future of HR is upon us. George, we stand with you.

Want more information about how companies are pursuing HR tech? #HRWINS put together an insightful infographic based on a survey of 974 people. Check it out, it’s good stuff.

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