How to Preview the E-mail Digest with All of Your Favorite Elements:

If you request that an immediate Favorites Digest be sent to you, it will contain all of your Favorite elements. This differs from your regular Daily Favorites Digest that will only contain those Tiles with recent changes.  This is a good way to verify that any changes to your Digest’s Summary Section values are being generated as you expected.  There are two method of delivery of this Immediate Digest:

  • Via Email received within a few minutes
  • In a web page that opens immediately

This request can only be made from your Preferences Editor, accessed from the drop-down that appears only when you hover over Your Name on the upper right hand side in the black bar of any Screen.

NOTE: The order displayed in the Summary Section of this Digest is oldest Measurement interval (Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, Minute) first and others in decreasing order.  This is the opposite of the regular Digests that display Tiles in order of increasing time period.

1. Activate the link to request an Immediate Digest on Preferences Editor


  • You may click one of the following links to receive an Immediate Digest:
  • “Send Favorites Digest Now” to request an Immediate receive an email with all of your Favorite Tiles
  • “View digest content in a web-page” to be able to review the Digest’s content (See below for sample display)

2. View Digest on a web page


3. Receive a confirmation notice


Your digest(s) will contain all Tiles regardless of whether the elements were updated or if their timings were activated.

3.1. Open your email containing the Immediate Digest