The Home Page is the first page you see after log-in. It holds all your Tiles; i.e., those charts and reports that have been made available to you by your Administrator and that are pertinent to the performance of your organization. The Home Page is arranged in two blocks, the Left Sidebar and the Main Panel.  The Home Page only contains Tiles for Elements and Dimension Values for which you have Permission to access.  If you are a Power User, you may also see an Edit icon on those Tiles for Elements that you have Permission to edit.

1. Your default ‘Home Page’


All elements are organized into Home Page Sections that appear as folders in both blocks. Home Page Sections are of two types:

  • Favorites (default, personal, and shared)
  • Categories that represent how your business looks at data

2. Your Option Controls


At the upper right of each page, including your Home Page, you can:

Below your Name, the drop-down list allows you to:

  • Modify your Preferences (if you have the Privilege access the Preference Editor)
  • Manage Alert Subscription (if you have privilege to do so)
  • Log Out

Below the Help link, the drop-down lists lets you:

  • Open Help links
  • Activate Tour through application

3. Your Filter Options


  • Search by full or partial name or element description
  • Limit your display or search by Topic (Sales, Orders), or by Filter (specific items/dimensions)
  • You can Group the display of elements by various options
  • The Main Panel will display filtered and grouped elements
  • Click link to Show hidden items

4. Hidden elements are also available from Home Page


If a Search result contains any hidden items (visible set to ‘No’ either at Dimension Value or Element level) hidden Tiles can be shown in the pop-up.

5. Anatomy of Preview


Single-clicking on any Tile opens a Preview pop-up or, if previewing is not enabled, a Full Chart view. Double-clicking on the Tile or single-clicking on the Preview  review always opens the larger chart view (Live view).

  • You can see next tile in the list in preview by clicking on ‘Next preview’ and ‘Previous’ links.
  • Element can be added to Favorites folder
  • You can manage Alert Subscription for this element (if you have privilege to do so)
  • Data can be downloaded as CSV/Excel/PDF file

5.1. A Metric Tile


A Metric is a measure that contains a single value for any point in time and that is measured over time.  An example of a Metric is “Daily Sales”

5.2. A Multi-Metric Tile


A Multi-Metric is a chart containing several trend lines and combining more than one measure to allow you to compare each Metric’s individual trend line. The person who defines the Multi-Metric chooses at least two previously defined Metrics to be charted by the system on the same graph in order to better understand how the various Metric trends related to each other.

5.3. A Report Tile


A Report typically includes tabular data and one or more charts based on data selected by the person creating the element. The Effective Date of the Report is not the same as the date on which the report is run. This date represents the report’s “As of” date.

5.4. Dimensioned Element’s Tiles


If the Element is defined as Dimensioned, there is a Tile for each Dimension Value. In this example, Daily Sales is dimensioned by Country.

IMPORTANT: As noted above, you only see Tiles for the Dimension Values for which you have Permission to access.

6. Troubleshooting: Incorrect Dashboard Charts


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.36.12 PM














There are times when you may find this on your dashboard: tables instead of the pie charts and bar charts that you are used to.  This does not happen very often, but it is the result of either not having data for that week, OR the internet timed out while retrieving data.  Either way, everything should refresh for the following week and there is nothing to worry about.

Please remember that if you click into the tile, and then on its title, you will be able to see the most recently updated view of your data.