Measures most important to those being serviced aka hiring manager or candidate

Internal Hire

Someone who currently is a member of the employee workforce who takes a new position within the organization using standard or ad hoc recruiting processes



Active Military

This definition is under review as of October 1, 2018. It will be re-published shortly.


Demographic of a subject who has indicated they are female and not male.


Demographic of a subject who has indicated they are male and not female.

Not Selected Rating

The candidate rates their experience with the business’ dismissal process on a 1 to 5 start rating scale, where 5 stars is the highest rating. The candidate may factor in their experience with the timeliness of the dismissal, the reasoning for dismissal and the length of communication in their rating response.


Report Calculation: CNT([CX_SURVEY.Not Selected_Rating])
Trend Calculation: AVG([CX_SURVEY.Not Selected_Rating])