Positions / Requisitions Drafted

The # of requisitions or positions that are currently marked as DRAFT in the status field. This tracked only daily, as it is an active status type.

Requisition Holds

The total count of requisitions that are currently marked as ON HOLD in the status field.



OPTION 1: CNT([ATS. Requisition.Req_ID] IF ([ATS.Requisition.Status] = ON HOLD))

OPTION 2: CNT([ATS.Requisition.Req_ID] – CNT([ATS.Requisitions.Req-ID] IF([ATS.Requisition.Status] = Active)) – CNT([ATS.Requisition.Req_ID] IF([ATS. Requisition.Status] = Closed OR Filled))

New Openings

The # of requisitions or positions that are created by the employer, approved by management, assigned to recruiting or HR, AND permitted to receive candidates and/or applicants within a designated interval. The Recruiting Start Date is timestamped initially, and that timestamp is then aggregated to the designated day, week, month, quarter, and annual trends.

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Active Reqs (Offer Process / Segmentation)

The total count of requisitions currently considered to be active and have candidates in the offer stage of the recruiting process.

Calculation: CNT([ATS.Candidate.Req_ID] IF ([Closed_Date] OR [Canceled_Date] OR [Hired_Date]) = EMPTY AND [ATS.Candidate.Offer_Extended_Date] <> EMPTY)

Assignment Abandonment Rate

The count and/or percentage of requisitions (or positions) that have been cancelled AND closed within an interval.