Applicants Aged 14 Days

This definition is under review as of October 1, 2018. It will be re-published shortly.

Candidate Funnel

A snapshot report that shows the number of candidates in each stage of the recruiting and/or hiring workflow processes.
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In Hiring Manager Review

A stage of the recruiting process in which an applicant has been reviewed by either a recruiter / HR manager and /or assessment, and has been approved to receive a review by the hiring manager. The hiring manager is to make a determination if a live interview is to occur between the candidate and the […]
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Interview to Offer Conversion

The percentage of interviewed candidates who are extended a verbal or written offer post the completion of the interview process. The measure may be issued by count, but its recommended to track as a percentage, and then trend over time.

CNT([ATS.Candidate.Offer_Date]) / CNT([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Date])

Submit to Interview Conversion

A conversion method that indicates the # of applicants that are submitted to interviews with hiring managers, represented as a percentage of the total number of applicants that applied on that requisition or during that interval.

CNT([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Date]) / CNT([ATS.Candidate.Submission_Date])