Time to Apply

The number of calendar days that elapse from the time the job has been posted and made publicly available to the date of the application is completed by the candidate.

Calculation: DATEDIFF([ATS.Requisition.Recruiting_Start_Date]-[ATS.Candidate.Application_Date])

Applicants Aged 14 Days

This definition is under review as of October 1, 2018. It will be re-published shortly.

Candidate Funnel

A snapshot report that shows the number of candidates in each stage of the recruiting and/or hiring workflow processes.
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In Hiring Manager Review

A stage of the recruiting process in which an applicant has been reviewed by either a recruiter / HR manager and /or assessment, and has been approved to receive a review by the hiring manager. The hiring manager is to make a determination if a live interview is to occur between the candidate and the […]
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Interview to Offer Conversion

The percentage of interviewed candidates who are extended a verbal or written offer post the completion of the interview process. The measure may be issued by count, but its recommended to track as a percentage, and then trend over time.

CNT([ATS.Candidate.Offer_Date]) / CNT([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Date])