Time to Fill, Distributed

The total count of calendar days it takes to fill a position, distributed into multiple time buckets. It is measured from the Recruiting Start Date to the Offer Accepted date.  We recommend using the following buckets:
0-15 Days

16-30 Days

31-45 Days

46-60 Days

61-75 Days

75+ Days

Calculation: COUNT([ATS.Requisition.Req_ID] IF (DATEDIFF([ATS.Candidate.Offer_Accepted_Date] – [ATS.Requisition.Recruiting_Start_Date] = {Bucket})))

Applicants Aged 14 Days

This definition is under review as of October 1, 2018. It will be re-published shortly.

Inbox Candidate Aging

The number of calendar days that have elapsed where the candidate remains in the inbox not reviewed by a recruiter.

Active Candidates | w/o Source at Interview

The count of candidates who have applied without a source indicated.