Candidate Funnel

A snapshot report that shows the count of candidates in each stage of the recruiting and / or hiring workflow processes.

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In Hiring Manager Review

A stage of the recruiting process in which an applicant has been reviewed by either a recruiter / HR manager and /or assessment, and has been approved to receive a review by the hiring manager. The hiring manager is to make a determination if a live interview is to occur between the candidate and the hiring manager.

Offer Plus

This measure records data from the number of offers extended plus hires.

Forced Sourcing

Counts the number of occurrences where the requisition / position was filled through a source that was forced upon recruiting or HR. This occurs typically with agencies, employee referrals, and internals.

Active Candidate

  1. Any candidate that is in the system and not assigned to lead, unwanted / dismissed, or hired. The total number of records that active and assigned requisitions (or positions) that are in the lead, applicant, evaluation/submission, interview, offer, or pre-hire stages. Any record that has been marked as unwanted (dismissed, withdrawn, not responded) is not counted.
  2. (ATAP) Active Candidate Sourcing – Candidates that are actively looking, applying to roles