Offer / Yes Attribution

The total number of candidates who have formally accepted an offer with an organization, categorized by the source of origin. The “offer” attribution reflects the candidates who have been extended an offer, while the “yes” attribution only includes the candidates who have successfully been onboarded to the business.


CNT([ATS.Candidate.{Candidate_Source}] IF([Hired_Date] <> EMPTY))

Stage Aging (Assessment, Offer)

The total count of calendar days that has elapsed between the end of a candidate’s assessment and either an offer extension or dismissal.


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Position Tenure

The number of calendar days that have elapsed that an employee has remained in a specific role.


ACTIVE EMPLOYEE: DATEDIFF([ATS.Candidate.Today_Date] – [ATS.Candidate.Start_Date] IF([ATS.Requisition.Requisition_ID]=[ATS.Requisition.Requisition_ID]))

TERMINATED EMPLOYEE: DATEDIFF([ATS.Candidate.Start_Date] – [ATS.Candidate.Termination_Date] IF([ATS.Requisition.Requisition_ID]=[ATS.Requisition.Requisition_ID]))



The number of calendar days that have elapsed that an employee has inside the workforce.


ACTIVE EMPLOYEE: DATEDIFF([ATS.Candidate.Today_Date] – [ATS.Candidate.Start_Date])

TERMINATED EMPLOYEE: DATEDIFF([ATS.Candidate.Start_Date] – [ATS.Candidate.Termination_Date])

Reasons For Leaving

The count of responses given on why someone terminated their employment with an organization. It is typical to have responses provided by the organization, usually including 6 – 15 different common reasons why someone has been voluntarily or involuntarily terminated.