At Aspen Analytics we speak about the recruiting workflow in terms of AEIOUY, where:

A stands for applicants
E stands for candidates that have been evaluated by a recruiter
I stands for candidates that have had at least one interview with a hiring manager
O stands for candidates whom have been extended an offer of employment opportunity
U stands for candidates that have been rejected or disqualified in some stage of the recruiting workflow
Y stands for the candidates that have said yes; they have formally accepted the job offer


The rate in which employees and/or contractors leave the active workforce

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Job Abandonment

The percentage of requisitions that have been successfully opened but whose efforts, for one reason or another, have been permanently stopped and no hire is made


CNT([IF Posted.Date <> EMPTY AND DATEDIFF([Cancelled.Date] – [Posted.Date ]) > 30])

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A marketed message that is specifically placed and timely presented to optimize candidate attraction



A candidate who has been interviewed by a hiring manager

OPTION 1: SUM([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Binary])
OPTION 2: CNT([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Binary]=1)