Active Candidate

  1. Any candidate that is in the system and not assigned to lead, unwanted / dismissed, or hired. The total number of records that active and assigned requisitions (or positions) that are in the lead, applicant, evaluation/submission, interview, offer, or pre-hire stages. Any record that has been marked as unwanted (dismissed, withdrawn, not responded) is not counted.
  2. (ATAP) Active Candidate Sourcing – Candidates that are actively looking, applying to roles

Candidate Stage Advancement

A group of metrics that track how candidates advance (typically as a percentage) from one stage to another. Progression can be from one stage to the next stage, or from one stage to a stage several steps away. This is measured in conversion (not time).

The percentage of candidates that advance to a next stage of a human resource process.

Calculation: DIVISION[HR Stage / Previous Stage]

Time to Evaluate

The amount of calendar days that has expired until a candidate is moved from the application stage to either the evaluated and hiring manager submission stage

Active Candidates | Abandoned

Applicants or leads that were either reached out to or submitted an application, and have not been followed up on during the recruiting process or at the end of the hire. This is a subset of Unwanted / Dismissed.