The total count of employees that have moved internally from one internal job to another internal job.

Calculation: CNT([HRIS.Candidate.Candidate_ID] IF([ATS.Candidate.Source] = Internal))

Time to Submit

The number of calendar days that have elapsed from time the job has been posted and made publicly available for application until the the candidate is submitted to the hiring manager for further review

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Job Abandonment

The percentage of requisitions that have been successfully opened but whose efforts, for one reason or another, have been permanently stopped and no hire is made


CNT([IF Posted.Date <> EMPTY AND DATEDIFF([Cancelled.Date] – [Posted.Date ]) > 30])


A candidate who has been interviewed by a hiring manager

OPTION 1: SUM([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Binary])
OPTION 2: CNT([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Binary]=1)

Internal Hire

Someone who currently is a member of the employee workforce who takes a new position within the organization using standard or ad hoc recruiting processes