Phone Screen Rating

Please rate your phone screen experience with the company, where the highest possible rating is 5 stars.

Recruiter Engagement

Measures both the satisfaction and the experience that both recruiters and sources have regarding the recruiting process.  This also includes employee engagement, their opinions of their boss, how they feel about the work culture, etc.

Hiring Manager (HM) Satisfaction

Hiring Manager Satisfaction – how a hiring managers feels about the level of service they are receiving from recruiting and/or hr around acquiring new employees. Can be collected directly using likert scales or rating scales (1 to 5). This measures how they feel about either certain processes or the overall process / service

Candidate Experience

The way the applicant feels (fairness, satisfaction, etc.) about the specific stages of the recruiting process on a rating of 1 to 5 Star.   The specific stages include research, application, interview, offer, dismissal, withdraw, etc.

Candidate Satisfaction

The way the applicant feels about the overall recruiting process on a rating of 1 to 5 Star.