Reasons For Leaving

The count of responses given on why someone terminated their employment with an organization. It is typical to have responses provided by the organization, usually including 6 – 15 different common reasons why someone has been voluntarily or involuntarily terminated.


Stage Aging

The total number of calendar days a candidate remains in one of the AEIOU stages, where A = applicant, E = evaluated, I = Interviewee, O = Offeree, U = unwanted

Calculation: DATEDIFF[Stage – Previous Stage]


A candidate who has been interviewed by a hiring manager

OPTION 1: SUM([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Binary])
OPTION 2: CNT([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Binary]=1)

Internal Hire

Someone who currently is a member of the employee workforce who takes a new position within the organization using standard or ad hoc recruiting processes




Businesses should have projects, growth plans, or specific targets to gain types of hires (IE: hire more veterans or they need 100 new employees for the tech department).  It is not uncommon for a leader to report out on hiring progress related to these “initiatives” – just so the CEO and others have clear visibility. Its a way to segment or group.