The total count of employees that have moved internally from one internal job to another internal job.

Calculation: CNT([HRIS.Candidate.Candidate_ID] IF([ATS.Candidate.Source] = Internal))

Stage Aging

The total number of calendar days a candidate remains in one of the AEIOU stages, where A = applicant, E = evaluated, I = Interviewee, O = Offeree, U = unwanted

Calculation: DATEDIFF[Stage – Previous Stage]

Time to Submit

The number of calendar days that have elapsed from the application date until the the candidate is submitted to the hiring manager for further review

Calculation: DATEDIFF([ATS.Candidate.Submission_Date]-[ATS.Candidate.Application_Date])


A candidate who has been interviewed by a hiring manager

OPTION 1: SUM([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Binary])
OPTION 2: CNT([ATS.Candidate.Interview_Binary]=1)

Offer Attribution

The total number of candidates who have formally accepted an offer with an organization, categorized by the source of origin.


CNT([ATS.Candidate.{Candidate_Source}] IF([Hired_Date] <> EMPTY))