New Hire Success Rate

The percentage of employees who exceed a tenure beyond at least one standard deviation of the average tenure of a particular role.

Source of Hire

The identified origins of the candidates that were deemable acceptable to employ by passing all pre-hire checks, were granted a start date, and showed for that start date and were added to the payroll of the business. Calculation: CNT([ATS.Candidate.Candidate_ID] IF [Hired_Date] EMPTY AND {Source_Column}=1)
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Withdrawal Reasons

you do not need this metric

Joiner Retention Index

starts at first year anniversary, and marked every year

New Hire Turnover (100 days)

The count of new hires who left the organization within 100 (or 200) days of start. The date can be adjusted based on business need and is common to determine turnover using a percentage. Keep in mind the measurements should be conducted within a certain period of time, and explained as such. Step 1 and Step 2 should include the number of employees that reflect the same time interval.

Step 1 |IF([HRIS.Employee.Termination_Date] <> AND(DATEDIFF([HRIS.Employee.Termination_Date] – [ATS.Candidate.Start_Date])<100) = 1, ELSE 0)

Step 2 | SUM([HRIS.Employee.100Day_Turnover_Binary]) / CNT([HRIS.Employee.Start_Date])