Talent Analytics Glossary

Welcome to our lexicon of terms, nomenclature, and calculations for Talent Analytics. This is reserved for licensed users of Aspen’s services. It includes all terms related to recruiting, key performance indicators, , and more. Use the categories to sort broadly, and use the tags for specialized groups. If you have any issues, we suggest you CLEAR your search, and reset.

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  • Ability to Present (Application)
  • Ability to Present (Assessment)
  • Ability to Present (Interview)
  • Ability to Present (Phone Screen)
  • Absenteeism
  • Accepted Not Started
  • Action After Interview
  • % Count of Transfers and Mobility
  • % Critical Positions
  • % Critical Positions Vacant
  • # Employees
  • # Employees Participated in Health Safety Environment Training
  • % Employees Who Have Multi-Disciplinary Training
  • % Filled Internal
  • % Filled Internal, Critical Positions
  • # Full Time Equivalents
  • % of Employees Who Participate in Training vs #Employees
  • # of Occupational Accidents
  • # of People Killed / Fatality Rate