Hiring Intake Tool

Prepare like a pro, and think about your next hire with care. Review these questions, and call your HRBP or recruiter to help you craft and plan.

At the beginning of every position search, the goal is to provide the Talent Team specific direction such that they will be able to discern and evaluate quality Candidates that could do the job and provide the highest quality service to the Hiring Manager for the most efficient process as possible.  This exercise is of real value to the Hiring Manager who can then focus on evaluating the BEST candidate of the smaller, most qualified Candidate pool.

As a result, the purpose of this tool is to assist the Talent Team in gathering relevant information from the Hiring Manager in order to conduct an efficient Candidate search. This tool is designed to maximize all resources involved in the search process and ensure that the search moves forward in the right direction by providing detailed information about the position.

The questions are written in a voice as if the Talent Team was asking them to the Hiring Manager.

Inefficient searches typically happen due to one of two causes,
1.  The Hiring Manager has unintentionally not thought enough about the position and thereby provides a lack of direction to the Talent Team or
2.  The Talent Team is unaware of changes to the business but thinks they understand the role and rushes to move forward without critical details.

This document looks to remove those inefficiencies early on.  If you have any questions, please contact your HR Business Partner.

It is a best practice at the beginning of every search to: 

  1.  Set Hiring Manager expectations as to the recruiting process and the level of services the Talent Team provides 
  2. Discuss what has gone well or what needs improvement over past searches 
  3. Provide a timeline for when the Talent Team will provide the Hiring Manager Candidates 
  4. Offer an assessment of the Candidate market to correct any misconceptions 
  5. Outline what the Hiring Manager can expect of the Talent Team services and communication preferences 
  6. Clarify how the Hiring Manager gets involved in the interview process 
  7. Clarify what the Talent Team needs from the Hiring Manager in order to succeed
  8. Map out a plan B to escalate the search if things go off track

Please complete the following pre-intake exercise with the HR Business Partner.  Use the following topics (on the left side) and bullet points (on the right side) as guidelines to be covered during the intake meeting with your Talent Team.  Think about different parts of your business and how you would explain that to the Talent Team.  Although every bullet point may not be answered, you should have a general idea of Penn Foster’s policies on each topic.  The ultimate goal is to realize the entire scope of the job to create a fully story-line for the req.