What is QIMA?

Gentex may utilize a third party for recruiting.  When this is the case, Aspen Analytics will provide a pre-screening conversation to determine the QIMA of the potential candidate.  If the candidate meets QIMA, they will be passed to the hiring manager for additional interviews.

  • Transparency

    Gentex provides quality, actionable feedback to the degree that it is available. We inform the candidate about their status in our process to the best degree possible. There are set expectations at each step in the hiring process.

  • Advocacy

    Gentex focuses on fit. If a candidate does not seem to fit, it will not be a successful hire for us as an organization. We encourage the candidates to put their best foot forward in the hiring process. As the HR team, we seek to first understand the candidates’ needs. We provide answers to their questions about the available positions.

  • Communication

    Gentex promptly returns calls or emails within 48 hours. We are to be available by phone or by email to answer candidates’ questions about anything related to the hiring process. We inform the candidate if they are no longer being considered for a position, as well as if a position is no longer available.

  • Confidential

    Gentex does not reveal candidates’ job search status with anyone outside of the organization. We protect their reputation in the job market as a whole. We do not call references of the candidates’ current employer without their permission, nor do we share their personal information with any third party. Candidates’ electronic personal information is protected.

Q - Qualified

  • Major question – is this candidate qualified?
  • Does the candidate meet the qualifications explicitly listed within the job description?
  • Does the candidate meet other specifications as described by the hiring manager during the intake session?
  • Does the candidate possess the necessary clearances?
  • Does the candidate possess the minimum experience required?
  • Education?
  • Physical requirements?
  • Etc…

I - Interested

  • Major question – Is the candidate interested in pursuing this role?
  • Does the candidate show interest in operations related to the military?
  • Does the candidate know anything about our organization?

M - Motivated

  • Major Question – Is the candidate motivated to take on this role?
  • Does the candidate work well in a team?
  • Does the candidate work well under pressure?
  • Does the candidate currently work?
  • Does the candidate have a work or promotion anniversary soon?
  • Does the candidate want to move, live local, etc?

A - Affordable

  • Major Question – Can we afford this candidate?
  • This is everyone’s favorite part.  Does the current budget match the potential candidate’s salary needs?
  • This includes salary, any potential sign on bonuses, benefits, relocation expenses, etc.
  • The entire compensation package is in question with this section of the QIMA questioning.
  • The hiring team should ensure that a competitive salary is being offered.
  • Listing the salary directly in the job description may lighten the candidate pool with serious inquiries.