Interview Tools

Below you will find more information about jobs ads, job descriptions, job requisitions, and a job packet template.  You are able to download the job packet PDF to use during interviews for note taking and preparing interview questions.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please connect with your designated HR Business Partner.

Reqs Vs. Descriptions Vs. Ads

Job Requisition

A job requisition is the business view of a requisition.  It is a formal request to fill an open position at Penn Foster, with backup documentation. It may seem like a boring formality in our hiring process, but if done right a requisition can be used to get awesome candidates quickly. The main purpose of the requisition is to make sure the position is budgeted.

Job Description

The job description is the Hiring Manager’s view of the requisition.  It is an accurate narrative of the role, as it includes essential knowledge, skills, and abilities; all of the qualifications of a job.  Therefore, it must be written well and it must capture all aspects of the job, as it provides the recruiter with information on how to better assess the candidate.  If you need help writing your job description, reach out to your Human Resources Business Partner for guidance.

  • Title that accurately describes the position
  • Paragraph that summarizes the position
  • Define success in the role

Job Ad (AKA Job Posting)

The job ad is the candidate’s view of the requisition.  Job ads help to sell the job; they are meant to work like real advertisements. They treat potential recruits like great customers, get them excited about the possibility of working for Gentex, and help us efficiently fill a job vacancy.

  • Title that catches the applicant’s attention
  • Paragraph that summarizes the most interesting points of the job
  • Describe the company, role, location, and equipment / gear in a way that is attractive to applicants

Job Packet Template