Find Related Elements from Viewers:

If you want to extend your analysis by looking at other Metrics and Reports that contain the information that may be relevant to the Element being viewed, the See Related button on the Viewer provides links for immediate access.  Its drop-down list contains other Elements that contain common or similar information.

Selecting links to other elements, one by one, allows you to open and explore other Elements and analyze trends to gain more insight into the results. The See Related button provides you with quick navigation to the selected Element. See Related is available on Metrics, Multi-Metrics and Reports.


See Related only contains Elements that a user has permission to View

1. Open an Element’s Viewer


  • Use the down arrow to open the See Related button’s drop-down list that contains other Elements that have common or similar information with the element being viewed.  The See Related drop-down is populated with elements that share the same ‘Primary Topic’ as well as ‘Segemented By’ value, if any, as the element being viewed.

2.The Element’s Chart being viewed is highlighted

3.Each entry contains an icon depicting the Element’s type, the same icon that appears in the Home Page Left Sidebar preceding a Name link.

1.1. Order of Related Elements


Elements listed in the SEE RELATED button are organized as follows:

  • All elements are sorted by their Measurement Interval; e.g., Daily dimensioned elements are listed before Monthly and Annual
  • Within a given Measurement Interval, dimenstioned elements appear after un-dimensioned elements

Click on any entry to open its Chart

2. Alternative Path to Related Elements


NOTE: Since the Elements based on the Hourly, Daily and Monthly Measure Intervals are directly related to this Weekly Element, these elements are displayed in the Measure Interval drop-down list and are not duplicated in the See Related drop-down list