Feng Shui: The Talent Acquisition Edition

We’ve all done it: Decided once and for all that enough was enough. It’s time to de-clutter. Your closets, the family car, your sock drawer, GASP – your office desk. You wait and wait until one day it’s just unbearable. When you finally set your mind to do it, and get it done, how do you feel? GREAT! You wonder why it took you so long to get it done in the first place, and start waxing Feng Shui to your friends as if you’ve been a neat freak your entire life.

I am certainly not the first to say that the Talent Acquisition business is completely cluttered, and needs a bit of a Feng Shui sweep. In the last few years, companies have turned to the newest, next-big-thing in technology as a selling point. Five years ago, there were only a handful of available Business Intelligence platforms for Talent Acquisition that were used by almost an entire industry. Today, they are a dime a dozen because, well, everybody’s doing it.

The problem doesn’t lay in getting great technology for a smooth Recruiting overhaul. There is plenty of good technology out there. But what’s behind the technology? Can you trust it? Technology can only take an organization so far, especially one that requires a lot of manpower, advisory, and regular check-ups, which is natural for thousands of hires each year. So, what good is technology without the expertise behind it?

In a few weeks, Aspen will be heading to RecruitDC in McLean, Virginia to learn, educate, and connect on all things TA focused. What we are hoping to see at RecruitDC is a LACK of clutter. We are especially looking forward to Celinda Appleby’s forum, “How to Attract and Engage Talent in the Midst of All the Noise,” another spot-on Feng Shui mentality for this business.

The time is now to start rethinking what the abundance of tech and data is doing for the TA landscape before it becomes even more saturated. Finding the right team to revamp an organization’s processes will be harder than finding your $5.00 off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon inside your pre-Feng Shui desk drawer.

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