Favorites – Overview:

Favorites are sections that you add to your Home Page. Each Favorite section only contains those tiles that you are following. By holding the tiles that are of interest to you in favorite sections, you can easily access frequently used information and also receive e-mail digests that provide a daily summary of all updates to your favorite tiles.

In addition to your Daily Favorites Digests, all elements in your Favorite Folder are automatically entered into your Alert Subscription List to insure you are informed of any unusual changes in your data.

There are two types of Favorites Folders in Metric Insights:

Personal Favorites:  When you first access the system, you will typically have your own empty personal favorites folder (usually called “My Favorites”) that you can populate with tiles. You are able to create any number of new Favorites folder as long as each is given a unique name.

Shared Favorites: Elements can be shared by populating a favorites list and then sharing it with individual users and/or groups of users.  For example, you may establish a set of KPIs that you share with everyone. If you have a “unknown” folder on your Home Page, hovering over the title will reveal the name of the folder’s owner. All updates to Tiles that the owner makes to this folder will be replicated in your Home Page folder.

Personal Favorites


A default personal favorites folder is created for you by the system and is usually entitled “My Favorites”

Shared Favorites


1. Hover over the Shared Favorites title to determine the owner of the folder

One of the best reasons to set up Favorites folder is so that you can generate email digests containing only those tiles that have changed. These can be sent daily for all of your favorites tiles when they change or you can set a different time interval to receive the digests.  See What are Favorite Digests.