Don’t Take the “People” out of “People Analytics”

John Austin is right. People analytics are in the process of taking off. Anyone will only have to look at last week’s HR Tech Conference in Chicago to see that the industry is in the midst of a surge. But the fact stands, 48.5% of businesses do not use HR technology in their workforce management. In this digital age where recruiters are sourcing from social media and candidates can submit their resumes on their mobile phones, why do some aspects of HR remain in the stone age?

As a people analytics company, Aspen knows firsthand how HR analytics can reinvent a business. We have real stories from our clients to prove it. But again, John is right. Most companies don’t know how HR technology can help them, and with the multitude of options out there, often don’t even know where to start.

We’re partial to a services based approach – that is our business model after all – where an HR team will use our pre-built tools to start collecting and analyzing their data. We prefer data analytics services because it provides a crucial human touch to an industry that glamorizes everything robotic, automatic, and septic. You can talk to us about how you feel about your workforce initiatives, and we can convert your words into strategic action. You won’t get the same response from a software program.

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