Differentiation is not a buzzword

So as I sit at the HRO Today conference in London. I keep hearing from any number of HRO/RPO providers on how:

– Help customers uniquely
– Are on the forefront of media
– Are experimenting
– Breaking the mold
– Care about customers more
– Are innovating on being global

So if you all are doing those things, isn’t THAT the standard.

Only a select few are talking beyond this. About business outcomes or actually fundamentality changing the role of the HRBP/Corp HR.

All HRO firms are financially and socially incentivized to well (because getting fired is expensive) and do this work typically more than their clients, and clearly add value. So they can execute. But how are they really different?

My advice? As with absolutely clarity ask these questions:

How did you impact revenue? Profit?
How did you impact leader effectiveness?
How much productivity was added to non HR personnel?
How did you advance corporate responsibility?

If you get some stuttering or smoke filled answers, you will know what you need to know about their impact on your business outcomes.