Decision Regret 101:Listen for data, not your agenda

Today I was on a call and I broke a critical rule of good decision making….listen for the data, not your agenda.

What a mistake. It’s easy to make. You are listening for evidence that helps your pre-conceived notions or your preliminary thoughts about, well anything. How to proceed, avoid pitfalls, be successful – whatever.

Instead, just listen. Take it in. Let your mind process the data and evidence. Let it spin for more than 5 seconds. You may not have 5 min, but we typically have 5 seconds. You have to give 5 seconds.

Don’t look for YOUR evidence in data, discussion or reading. Just let the data present itself.

Put down your own agenda and then challenge it in your head. Pause. Consider.

Using evidence to make decisions is a process. Let it work. We make tons of decisions based on intuition or gut. But know when that’s okay or low risk. If you go into a meeting knowing that evidence or data is being presented, leave your agenda at the door.

Otherwise, you just end up make ill-informed statements or even worse ill-informed decisions – and those you will really regret.

As I leave one conference (LinkedIn) and go to another (Recruiting Trends) this is solid thinking. Time to check my agenda (and ego) at the door and let the data present itself.