Combating Survey Fatigue in HR Analytics – Flexibility is Key

As an HR team who uses data collection surveys to keep track of employee KPI’s, satisfaction, and productivity, you’ve probably experienced that moment. You know, the moment when you email out a survey to your employees, and in response you eye rolls accompanied with exasperated “Another one?”.

Yes, you know what I’m describing: survey fatigue. It’s a common issue in companies who collect HR data on an ongoing basis. The problem is, employees who are tired of answering survey questions may be skewing your collected data. Employees experiencing survey fatigue may haphazardly answer questions just to finish the survey, and that is dangerous to the accuracy of your HR analytics.

How do you combat survey fatigue? The answer lies in the surveys themselves. Ideally, surveys should be configurable in the following way – the first time a survey is administered, the questioning tree should be complete. However, subsequent surveys should be configurable in that employees only have to answer the questions they really need. This way, employees don’t feel like they are answering redundant questions, and are more likely to provide useful data to your HR team.

As a company, we actively try to combat survey fatigue by using configurable surveys across all of our products. We realize that the accuracy of your HR data is important to achieving your workforce goals, so we’ve made it easy to do so right out of the box.

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