CandE brings data and subject matter expertise together – the right way

As much of a data guy as I am, I’m a big fan of subject matter expertise being behind the data. Looking at it, and making correlations and pointing out trans that lead to better business outcomes and processes.

The data itself does not tell a story. The data needs to be read, and then a story needs to be developed. Candidate experience awards and it’s survey collect dozens of pieces of information in an objective way from candidates and employers. But it also collects the methodology and the business processes that a company uses during the recruiting process to better understand the candidate experience.

And that’s the point. You need to understand the intended business outcomes to see if the data that you’re collecting helps address the actual business processes.

The candidate experience awards are doing the right thing. The gathering objective data and then also methodology to help link business process, business outcomes, and data.

My thanks goes out to all the members of the candidate experience judging panel, many of which I know personally, who will be bringing to bear their subject matter expertise on who is executing strong candidate experience in the recruiting process.

Below is a link to the press release announcing the judges, and profiles on each of the judges is included.