Quality Candidates per Position

A | Assign and Define

This metric measures the number of applicants that meet the requirements of the job among all the people who applied for the job.

Synonyms: Active Req, Current Openings, Active Openings, Open Jobs

S | Source

Page 22 of ISO 30414:2018

C | Coding

AVG (Count(CandidatesOnPosition) IF(Phone Screen Date=not empty))

E | Easy to Read

Use the same formatting for each visuals.  Sans serif font and grey scale is recommended.  Use the same font and size for titles, labels, legends, axis, etc.

N | Natural Scale

Use a scale that makes sense for the metric, with general dimensions.

D | Descriptive Labels

Use labels and text that help the user understand the graphic. Use a smart title, legend, and annotations as you see fit.

X Axis | [Requisition_Complete_Date]

Y Axis | COUNT [Requisition_ID]

I | Include Appropriate Visuals

Use a line chart!

N | Naked Data

We want context and no “noise”.  Use abbreviations, main data points, and no gridlines.

G | Generate Brand

Generate brand assets and color sparingly.