Brittany Goren

Brittany Goren






Let us introduce you.

Associate Brittany Goren joined Aspen Advisors in the Spring of 2014 to assist with Aspen’s growing client base. She fulfills several select roles within the company, though she is mainly tasked with updating and maintaining Pando for client-based projects and the Awards (CandEs) data. She is also responsible for client support and associate support around the use of Pando and its functions. Recently, she has been taking on roles for organizing our product in an effective manner to most benefit the user.

Education and career highlights.

Brittany graduated summa cum laude from Keystone College with a Bachelor of Science in 2014, majoring in business and minoring in psychology and human resources.  She is currently working on her Master’s Degree at Penn State in Human Resources Employment Relations, which is anticipated to be finished by 2016.

Stuff to brag about.

Brittany thrives in the fast-paced environment and communicates effectively with her team. She was awarded the Who’s Who Award Recipient at in 2014, as a student who exemplifies outstanding leadership and academic achievements. She was also recognized with academic excellence and organizational leadership in the business division at Keystone College, and was an AmeriCorps Scholar.

Modus Operandi.

She loves a good challenge – imagine trying to merge six related documents together, or figuring out where to put 100 different pieces of the same puzzle.  Phew!  Even though it is difficult, the end result is definitely worth it.  Parts are easier to find, and look a bit more uniformed.  Her goal is to keep Aspen’s systems up and running smoothly, tackling each road bump as is it comes along.

Brittany in real life.

She always strives to be comfortable and laughing wherever she is, close by her family, and always next to her pup, Ella Bean.

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