Big Data? Show Me “Big Change” Instead

2014. Another year. More opportunity, more to learn, and more to do. Always more to do.

You know what my new’s years resolution is? Well its not Big Data. Its BIG CHANGE.

I have had it with people making small moves on the radio dial. Pilot this. Test that. Sample those. Really? Where is experimentation? Where is the calculated risk? We see more data than most – and I know we will see more than most this year again. You know who made the small moves last year? The people WITHOUT data.

The ones who play by the numbers and invest in the numbers, they go for BIG CHANGE when they got the RIGHT DATA (forget big data for a minute). Why? Because they KNOW. They know so well that they can even experiment. They try unusual, stupid, cool, fun stuff that make people laugh and cry. I am not just talking about Google and how so many hours a week is for “whatever” time. All types of companies – if they got the evidence and proof to make a make a game changing move – they do it big. They don’t pilot – they prototype. They have every intention of making 25 stealth bombers to sneak up on their competition and blow up their market share. They set out on a large scale program. They don’t hope for better – they PLAN to do better – and if they are really cool, they make the world just a little more awesome at the same time.

Every year there are all these predictions on what is on the horizon. You know what? its the same as was last year – its change. Its being better. Faster. Being straight up freaking awesome at what you do and making people feel good along the way. Working your tail off, getting smiles, and feeling good when you kick back with friends and colleagues and know that you contributed. So as I look back at 2013 – what big changes did I do? I can list them on more than 1 hand. Already have a bunch planned for 2014. I know we will have Big Data. What I need to continue to work on is big change because I have that data and evidence. January is almost up. We will blink and there goes the quarter. Then conference season (for me anyway) and then the boys of summer will be rounding the bases. It will go so fast. What big change are you working on right now?