Big Data Needs to Tell a Story

As Big Data circulates more often in the HR crowd, companies are looking for ways to jump on the bandwagon, pull their numbers and crunch away.  But leveraging HR analytics to make decisions is far more complex than having a shiny new system that spits out charts and graphs.

Big Data may start with that shiny new system, but it’s only effective if it ends with a story you can tell to the decision makers.  Being able to tell that story will provide the evidence to show that talent issues are directly connected to business success.  Once HR leaders have the data and the story, they’ll have to get comfortable with their new level of influence.  They’ll not only have a seat at the table, but have something to say that other leaders will listen to.

It’s a new and powerful position for HR to be in, so having a solid partnership with those who know which Big Data story needs telling is important.  Our goal in any partnership is to not only provide the solutions that each client needs, but to plan projects from start to finish that will empower HR leaders instead of just muddying the waters.