Measure Against the Industry & Your Competitors

Comparing your business to others can help you gain valuable insights, as well as identify key areas of differentiation. Having an understanding of how you are doing compared to the industry, as well as your competitors, helps you to manage your business to your strengths, and identify areas of weakness. Aspen is able to help HR departments and HR providers gather data, compare practices, and track improvements. Our data intelligence and document migration tools allow for unparalleled flexibility and insight into behaviors, best practices, adoption, and feedback.

This isn’t “benchmarking”. Benchmarking a weak substitute for comparative analysis. 

Our Standards for Comparative Analysis:

Clients who engage us to perform analysis, design, and/or collection & masking for them directly or for their user base can be assured that our methods promise the highest levels of confidentiality, fairness, and security. Aspen will only conduct work with the following 10 point standard to insure that the data being delivered can be used to make grounded decisions. Additionally, the companies, publications, academics, and non profits that engage Aspen for services also align to this 9 point standard.