Behavioral-based questions for the ultimate interview.

We can’t all be Google – asking dwindling, mind-spinning, and mostly abstract questions to candidates during the interview process. In fact, most companies shouldn’t try to be. Save for a small group of Google-like businesses, most organizations should be focusing in on more practical, job-specific behavioral questions to hire the best talent.

There are hundreds of potential questions to be asked, but how does one sift through and ask the RIGHT questions to the RIGHT candidates?

Not to worry. Aspen’s already got you covered. With over 600 behavioral-based interview questions within a multitude of competencies, Aspen has developed a client suite geared towards hiring the right talent during job-dependent interview sessions. All the work has been done – the categorizing, the organizing – and the suite is at the disposal and customization of the person doing the hiring. Sounds to good to be true, right?

Not this time. Need to hire for a sales job with 10+ years experience internationally? There are questions for that. What about someone with tech experience who needs developed oral presentation skills and experience working with others under pressure? We’ve got questions for that, too.

No matter how general or specific a behavior or job competency, we have questions already developed, ready to be used. They can also be branded, mixed and matched, as few or as many as needed.

Because today’s business leaders are not getting the best talent by engaging them in outdated, nondescript questions during the interview. Now, talk about your biggest weakness and a time when you had to overcome it…

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