Baseball Cards vs Business Cards

Fall is here, and I am eager for October baseball. Phillies won’t be there but there is always next year.

Stats on each player will be on display. Every at bat there will be a review of the player stats for the playoffs and for the season, with Joe Buck rattling off the stats and Tim McCarver saying something that bothers me.

It’s the business card of baseball. Name, team, position AND stats. One always follows the other. Makes me wonder why we don’t have stats in the back of our business cards.

Imagine that. People see your average, scores and so on. They see that you were rookie of the year. That you have been with 2 teams in 10 years.

That’s crazy right? Well maybe – but certainly not impossible. Put a pic on the front, title, company – jersey is optional. On the back, list your team you played for each year, a rating (grades, tests, 360, performance, or customer satisfaction), stack years into rows, a fun fact or two and maybe your salary. Yep – I went there with compensation. Why not?

If you flipped over somebody’s card and saw their ranking for the last 7 years as X, an estimate of earnings, and they were on Z teams, you make assumptions on their talent right away.

Growing up my friends and I traded cards and bubble gum in the basement. Arguing on how one player wasn’t worth the same as another because of his stats – always looking at the stats. Maybe that’s too easy…maybe.

Fun idea – have to get a mustache though. Enjoy fall ball :)