Aspen expands data analysis capabilities with AutoFilePro

We are pleased to announce a new product and partnership to add to our Pando ecosystem.

AutoFilePro will allow Aspen and its clients the flexibility to analyze and search through documents and attachments located in behind their firewalls while simultaneously analyzing documentation that resides in a hosted or SaaS platform. AutoFilePro was designed to allow talent management and HR personnel to look through all the documents and attachments that could reside on a company server or system of record – and look for relevant skill sets. AutoFilePro was developed in conjunction with Dub Software, a systems integration company specializing in document and data aggregation technology. Both companies operate in New York.

We’re announcing AutoFilePro and our partnership with Dub Software as part of our broader service offering to the Corporate HR and HR outsourcing marketplaces. Adam Dub, COO of AutoFilePro stated, “Our exciting partnership with Aspen Advisors helps define HR’s standard and customized needs, and Pando provides an ideal front-end platform for dash-boarding and bringing data visualization to AutoFilePro’s findings and metrics so Advisors can further assist Aspen clients in creating improvement initiatives for businesses.”

Our founder, Andrew Gadomski, commented on how the company’s desire to tame HR data has quickly expanded to servicing all of HR. “In order for HR teams to understand their impact to their businesses, they need to merge together data from talent, learning, and other HR disciplines with cost and productivity data from finance, operations, customer service and other functions. Our ability to use data visualization tools accomplishes part of that equation. Our partnership with AutoFilePro now brings the ability to understand actual work product and documentation that reside inside a company’s systems and servers. We already had the ability to analyze the data in the systems through Pando – now we have all the ability to analyze and drive business outcomes from the documentation that is attached and relevant in those systems. With the ability to analyze data and documentation across a corporation, HR finds itself in a very powerful position.”

We chose the SHRM Talent Management Conference as a release for AutoFilePro to highlight the HR centric and all encompassing impact of our line of products. “There are so many great conferences this year, but it’s important to note how this technology goes well beyond recruiting.” says Gadomski, “SHRM has been very supportive in regards to HR standards, metrics, and data across a wide spectrum. This technology is highly relevant in the cross functional area of talent management. It makes sense that we are in Las Vegas this week.”