Capture and analyze experience, engagement and satisfaction across the talent process – from application to exit.

  • Workforce #NOW

    Analyze engagement and how your team feels about the job, leadership, work life balance, and inclusion, as well as hiring practices, from application to onboarding.

  • Workforce #FUTURE

    Analyze how candidates and customers feel about your employment experience and operational practices, and how both impact your business


Pando Engage is the ultimate experience and engagement platform. Data from talent systems, mobile ready surveys, and text , voice, and/or visual based feedback is collected and revealed in a comprehensive monitoring service powered by business intelligence and Aspen’s Advisors.


Data is gathered nightly, and pushed into a series of email digests that are sent weekly to designated executives, groups, and users. It can be accessed in alerts, digests, dashboards, and report bursts to user security specifications that are very finite, and can be configured for any receiving user.


Configure one or more mobile ready survey platforms, which capture feedback in real-time. Survey links are embedded throughout the system communication, social media, and outbound messaging available to the client. A series of alerts keep Advisors and key users aware of off-target activity.

Features and Benefits

Mobile First Design

Responsive design surveys that work on any browser, complete with mobile-ready dashboards and alerts.

Real-Time Analytics

Collect information as it happens, and see information regularly or even in-the-moment.


See how you stack up against other recruiters, industries, and award-winning companies.

Get Started

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Pando Recruit gets you started with insights on . More tools / analytics are unlocked as you engage. Quick. Easy. Free.

Option 2

Upload corporate brand assets and select a robust Employee, Candidate, or Hiring Manager analytics package.