…it is as fast as as any other transaction on mobile.

Here are some things that I do that are important to me…

I want to fly to see my friends / family = Kayak. 5 minutes.
I want a place to stay in the city tonight = Hotels Tonight. 2 minutes.
I want to spend a night out with my wife = OpenTable. 3 minutes.
I want to send a gift = Amazon. 5 minutes.
I want to donate to charity = Fidelity. 5 minutes.
I want to play golf = GolfNow. 3 minutes.

BUT…if I want to apply for a job = 30+ minutes


Companies across the board tend to have much longer engagement times on applications than a few minutes. In fact, in every group of companies we track and analyze – IT companies, finance companies, small companies, big companies, and so on, about 80% of candidates indicate that their application process took longer than 15 minutes.  50% of candidates say it takes longer than 30 minutes.

Quick – name something you do on a mobile that takes you 30 minutes to do every time you do it…


If you want mobile apply, then make it mobile time. Otherwise, you put people into using their mobile in a way they don’t normally use it – and is that the experience you want? The stats on this are pretty strong. High departure rates if not a mobile ready app, lower click through, and all kinds of stats around that people are clearly looking and researching via mobile. The buzz on this is right – you need mobile – the advice is weak. You need mobile experience.