Pando platform named as top 10 technology innovation

We are thrilled to share that our Pando platform was just named as one of the “Top 10 technology innovations for 2013” in the iTalent competition by HROToday.  While we certainly have been aware of the power of Pando for quite some time, it’s wonderful to be recognized by a independent organization like HROToday. 

HROToday is a global organization focused on providing conferences, publications and thought leadership for the human resource outsourcing industry.  They are the publishers of the well-known Bakers Dozen lists and host several international conferences throughout the year.  Their iTalent Competition analyzes entries from companies both large and small and ultimately names 10 technology innovations of 2013 relevant to HR outsourcing.  Five of those ten will then present at HROToday Forum Europe to an audience and panel of HR technology experts, analysts, practitioners and technology investors to compete for the top spot.

The idea of Pando takes many people to come to life. I have to applaud our team of developers, managers, associates, partners, and clients who feed Pando with capabilities and know-how each day.  As we attend the HR Technology Conference this week in Las Vegas and discuss with others the capabilities of Pando, it’s wonderful to have our colleagues congratulate us in person for this international recognition.  We are back in Las Vegas again next week for LinkedIn Talent Connect, so we hope to see you there!