Andrew’s interview with IntrepidNOW: Will the real Big Data please stand up?

The HR Tech Conference was buzzing with excitement last week.

“This is homecoming for HR,” says Andrew Gadomski, on his attendance at the Vegas conference.

IntrepidNOW sat down with Andrew to discuss HR in the present: Why some trends should be avoided, and why some should be more than just trends.  Sponsored by Dovetail Software, this candid interview by Todd Schnick and Rayanne Thorn leaves an open forum for discussion around engagement, Big Data, and technology in the HR world today.

What’s everyone buzzing about?

“Engagement. We’ve been so focused on technology, “ says Andrew. “We need to make human resources human. Wellness and engagement is about taking care of our workforce.”

But some of that buzz is electrically generated: the bright, LED lights of computer screens filled with dizzying charts, graphs, and endless data points– “eye candy” drawing in the masses to Big Data, or the promise of it.

Andrew argues that not everyone can do Big Data, but they can make it appear so.

“Anybody can make a pie chart. How’re you going to make it actionable? I’m not seeing a lot of that walking around.”

How are you going to solve that?

“We’ve got to stay vocal. We’ve got great people who are starting to proselytize the fact that we have to link to business outcomes more.”

Steer clear of data technology that promises insight into HR operations, but falls short on turning it into opportunity. Companies are too enamored with the thought of seeing data without understanding how to improve and move forward using the results of that data.

“Analytics is about data visualization, and it’s about storytelling,” says Andrew. “That’s really the message that’s missing.”

What are some good things you are seeing?

“We are bringing consulting back to technology. It’s not just about the SaaS. Companies are hiring more sophisticated solutions architects who’ve got more of a consulting background or customer service focus or orientation, and that’s really what’s been missing.”

Advice for tech newcomers?

“Let your customers really guide you. They’ve been bombarded with technology for the last 10 or 15 years. They know what they like. If you want to sell more, you really have to talk to customers a lot before you get started on architecture.

Listen to the entire interview here from intrepidNOW. Scroll to “21 Andrew Gadomski” and click for audio.


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