Diversity of Slate

Diversity per Slate measure the number of diverse applicants in a candidate slate divided by the total number of applicants in that same slate. This is usually presented as a percentage, and is an indicator of a company’s ability to advance a diverse slate for the hiring manager’s consideration.

This shows the total count of requisitions as compared to all requisitions, that have candidates who have indicated they are female, not white, or have a military background. The specific definition of “diversity” can be adjusted, as can the specific measurement parameters.

Use a line chart!

  • Calculation

    OPTION 1: CNT([ATS.Candidate.Diversity_Binary]) / CNT([ATS.Candidate.Candidate_ID])

    OPTION 2: SUM([ATS.Candidate.Diversity_Binary]=1) / SUM([ATS.Candidate.Candidate_ID]=1)

  • X Values
  • Y Values
  • Filter