Add (or Delete) Elements to Favorites Folder:

Any tile on Your Home Page, or any element that you can View, may be included in one or more of your Favorite Folders. Adding an element to your Favorites automatically enters that element in your Alert Subscriptions if you are set to receive Alerts for ‘My Favorites‘ (the system default for all users).

This is controlled by the Star icon on either the Home View, Chart Preview or any of the Viewers .

The ‘Add to Favorites’ pop-up will only include both your Personal Favorite folders and those shared folders to which you have been granted the ‘ ability to maintain ‘ (set by the User sharing the folder)

NOTE: Tiles can also be added to Favorites via your Preference Editor.  See instructions here.

External Content does not change so these type elements will never be seen in your Daily Favorites Digests.

1. Click on the small star located in the right corner


  • Example of element not yet included in any Favorites folders (grey)
  • Example of element already added to at least one Favorites folder (gold)

1.1. Where to find Star on viewers


1.2. Or on Preview of Chart


2. Clicking on the Star will display the ‘Add or remove favorites’ Pop-up


  • Use the check boxes to select or de-select from the desired favorites folder(s). You may select multiple folders.
  • Select the Save changes button.
  • You may also have the Option to Create a new folder (see below) – based on your assigned Privileges

2.1. Click on ‘create new folder’


2.2. Enter the name for your folder


  • Simply enter the new name of your new folder (check will be applied automatically)
  • Save changes

3. You’ll know that an element has been added to a Favorites folder because:


The system:

  • Includes a tile for the report in the selected Favorites section(s) in the Main Panel
  • Colors the Star icon ‘Gold’ on all element displays

3.1. The element will also be added to your Alert Subscriptions Grid


Note that all dimensions are added to your Alerts – you will only receive Alerts on those elements you are authorized to View for that Element. Existing System Alert for this element will be set to ‘ON’, and you may edit the Alerts, add User-Defined Alerts, or remove entire Element from Alerting.