Add an Annotation:

Annotations allow you to share your insights with other users.  You can apply an annotation to a single data point or a range of dates. You may also apply your annotation to a broad set of metrics.

We have added a new feature that allows Users to add annotations for dates in the future from the Metric Viewer; the differences in the display of these annotations is explained beginning in Step 5.1. These future annotation will not display in the Collaborative View until data is collected for that date.

Only users assigned the privilege to Add Annotations can perform the actions described in this article.

1. Click on a Data Point you wish to annotate


  • In the pop-up display, select the Annotation Icon

1.1. Alternatively, click the Annotation Icon


2. Add Annotation pop-up displays


  • From the “Add Annotation’ pop-up, select either ‘Data Point’ or ‘Time Period’

3. In this example, we’ve selected Time Period in order to display the Start and Finish Times


  • Start Date defaults to Data Point date
  • Use the Calendar icons to change Annotation Start Time and Select Annotation Finish Time
  • Add your text
  • You also have the option to attach a file to provide more detail.

3.1. Alternatively, use the Calendar icon to select a date to Start or Finish the period to which the Annotation applies


IMPORTANT:  The dates that you select to replace the default values may be in the past, present or future

4. If you think that other Metrics were also effected, you may select them here and add the same Annotation


  • Check the Show on Other Metrics button to display additional fields
  • This drop-down will allow you to select related metrics based on various criteria (e.g. Measure of, Topic, Category)
  • You can restrict your element choices based on Measurement Interval
  • Check and un-check elements to add the same annotation to their charts

5. Select Save to View your Annotation


  • Annotation range indicated on Chart
  • Details on annotation appear below the chart allowing other to comment on your annotation

6. You may also elect to put an annotation on a data point in the future


You can use the calendar to add an annotation for data that is not yet collected. Because the Chart does not have a data point to ‘attach’ the annotation to, there are 2 ways of displaying future annotations:

  • Annotations are ‘Near Future’ if the date selected is within 2  periods of most recent date displayed and can be displayed on chart
  • Annotations scheduled farther in the future are displayed in a separate section until time passes and they become ‘Near Future’

6.1. Viewing an annotation in Near Future


If you add an annotation in the near future:

  • Chart will be redrawn to display the annotation(s) on an ’empty’ data point
  • Annotation details will appear below the chart

6.2. Viewing a annotation in the Far Future


  • A confirmation message message will be displayed
  • The annotation will be available via a link below the chart
  • ‘Far Future’ annotations are displayed here until they can be displayed on the chart (become ‘near’)