Talent Congress | Social

Package Details

  • Automated monitoring of the following analytics:

    Overall data health and validity; position and requisition tracking; recruiting process satisfaction / candidate experience; protected classes and diversity effectiveness; candidate staging and progression; and branding / sourcing effectiveness


    A monthly summary is sent to your email detailing your progress, just like a health app you might have on your phone.

  • Deep Dive into Analytics On Demand

    With your data under regular monitoring, you have the ability to have on demand analysis of your business lines, functions, recruiters and more.

How it works

  • Register a Social Identity (Personal or Corporate)

    Choose a personal handle (@RobinTheRecruiter) or a corporate handle (@CompanyCareers)and gain access to your first feature, tracking Candidate Experience

  • Enable and Collect Data Regularly

    First we setup where your information will go – likely a Google Drive folder or Dropbox folder. Reports are placed there automatically. Second, we need figure out who is getting digests from us, with trackers that tell you how you are doing. Third, we need to GET data from you in order to give you analysis back – typically we provide links to branded surveys for candidate and hiring manager experience, and we also arrange for your team to securely place your ATS / CRM data in a spot where we can get to it monthly.

  • Unlock More Features with Data

    As your data grows, so does your insights. Move from measuring candidate experience, then to hiring manager satisfaction, then to measuring requisition performance – then to recruiter performance. Once you have some regular feedback, you will be able to track your daily positions and candidates (and compare with peers outside your organization).

We believe good recruiters want to be great, and great ones want to be the best.

Companies that attend a GSMI event can register their corporate handle (e.g. @EmployerCareers or Employer) and will receive a Social subscription for a full year after that event e.g. companies who attend SRSC San Francisco in February 2018 are activated until January 2019.

Individual recruiters can register their personal Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn identity (e.g. @JSmith, or John Smith) will receive personalized results for free. The surveys and tools are not personalized, and attendance at a GSMI event is not required, although encouraged. Results are furnished provided individuals use the tools and have over 25 candidates per month use the candidate experience tools.