Package Details

Includes all the benefits and features of our Social Membership PLUS

  • 3 tickets of admission to 3 GSMI-partnered conferences

    Brand Subscription delegates have 3 tickets to use across 3 world class GSMI conferences. Use the tickets however you please – they are valid for the entire year.

    Conference Schedule:

    2018 Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC) – Austin – August 8 – 10, 2018

    2019 Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC) – San Francisco – January 30 – February 1, 2019

    2019 Employer Branding Strategies Conference (EbrandCon) – San Diego – May 2019

  • Admission to Talent Congress pre-conference sessions

    Access full day and half-day Talent Congress talks, workshops and roundtables during each conference. Talent Congress sessions are held as a special Pre-Conference event before your attended conference starts.

  • Quarterly Advisory Sessions Using Your Data

    In these private meetings throughout the year, an analysis of your HR data will be presented to you using data collected. Each session is designed to give insights tailored to your business needs, and you will receive strategic recommendations based on your growth goals. Typically quarterly meetings are held within a few weeks of each conference, with an additional session targeted for October 2017. Delegates can also choose to have offline meetings done remotely or onsite at their location (expenses to be reimbursed).

  • Access data collection tools to integrate into your hiring process

    To collect your data, you will receive a suite of mobile-ready apps, surveys, and tools to measure the following insights:

    • Candidate experience
    • Hiring manager satisfaction
    • Onboarding and exiting processes
    • Requisition tracking
  • Integration of your pre-existing data

    On top of getting new data collection tools, you are able to send us your pre-existing data to have it analyzed. We accept all types of data that tends to be in rows and columns, including data from your CRM, your applicant tracking system, social media, benchmarking analysis, and previously collected survey data. Did you participate in the CandE’s? We can analyze that data too.

  • Intelligence pushed to your devices

    Regular analysis and reporting will be sent to your mobile and other devices via email or SMS, tell you how you are doing.

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