3 Magic Words for Building Company Culture: Professional Growth Opportunities

Building company culture is a huge undertaking. Don’t ask us, ask Maren Hogan of Red Branch Media. In a LinkedIn post, Maren outlines some of the core ingredients to the illusive “mystic brew” that is company culture.

There are many different approaches on how to build company culture. We’re in the position to believe that it’s much more nuanced than the “ping pong table + open office plan = company culture” formula we’ve seen touted around recently. Maren understands this, and writes past all the glitz to uncover one aspect that we found extremely important: skill development of employees, especially new hires.

Training programs have always been a big aspect of what candidate consider in the pre-hire process, and delivering on that promise is a big part of company culture. As Maren points out, 63 percent of employees said that professional learning opportunities would make them more engaged with their employer.

In addition, keeping track of the new hire is critically important to see if they are integrating into company culture. Do new hires feel they are being trained well for their role? Do they feel there is sufficient room for professional growth in the company? These are critical questions to be asking your new hires using a standard data collection tool. We produce these types of onboarding and engagement tools for two of our products, the Talent Congress and Analytics Outsourcing, and many companies are starting to make their own collection tools in house.

Don’t be the company that guesses about how their employees feel about company culture. Know your employee engagement from the minute a new hire walks through your door.

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